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“I’m trying to lampoon academic language, but my little secret is that I actually speak that." — Pardlo in a recent interview with The New York Times

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"Written by Himself," The New York Times Magazine, selected by Natasha Trethewey

Problema 1” and "Aquinas." featured in The Take Away

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Praise for Digest

“A bright-red thread of fatherhood runs through this book—at times tenuous, at times mythic—always searching and revelatory, grounded in our present moment while wrestling with eternity—a thrilling, brilliant, and deeply moving ride.” —Nick Flynn

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Praise for Totem

"Pure and plain, Gregory Pardlo is an American metaphysician.  His luxuriant mind is discursive, drawing on many intellectual and cultural traditions, and for him, the world is singularly and greatest understood at its figurative core.  You will enjoy best those poems which reveal the intricate journeys by which he fabrics an argument, not with himself, but with the rich legacy of conversations about kinship, history, art, and poetry from which he emerges, and always on top.  This is a poetry whose reach will break you and whose achievement goes beyond the accidental discoveries of an eccentric personality -- and thus arrives a poet whose vision is so wide, he'll have readers in the distant future, contemplating his moral and formal choices relative to their own." —Major Jackson

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